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Hope signature style is low key,clean, raw and authentic with ingenious and high quality details being a key characteristic.

The designs stem from a masculine platform and sources of inspiration include old men's-wear classics, functional coats, uniforms and vintage outer jackets. The authentic quality of traditional fabrics is sourced to reach the original feeling.

For the woman collection the unique look of Hope is then created when the masculinity is combined with feminine silhouettes and new styles.

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Nelly.com SE - Dada Shirt 949.00 (1898.00) Nelly.com SE - Trick Jacket 2499.00 Nelly.com SE - Law Trouser 849.00 (1698.00) Nelly.com SE - Brick Bomber 1499.00 (2498.00) ONLY HOPE SEA SET 299.00

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