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The Hunkydory line offers a new take on knitwear targeted to the contemporary young woman.

The knitwear has always been the red thread in the concept, but the line has evolved rapidly into a full range collection.

Hunkydory was founded in 1996 by Ulrika and Christopher Bjercke. Ulrika and Christopher met during their education at Esmod in Paris. The couple started early to develop the seed that later became one of the first in a long line of young neo Stockholm fashion brands to gain international interest and success.

Hunkydory´s customer is a young woman between 20-30 who is looking for an alternative to the mainstream brands.

Ulrika and Christopher also select design projects outside their own collections. One of the most recognizable projects would be the design of the Scandinavian Airline (SAS) uniforms. Today, Hunkydory is present in 12 markets and available in a series of select stores around the world.

The style is a casual mix of a feminine, Scandinavian-ethnic style with a sporty feel and a young attitude. The corporate philosophy "Always looking for a new angle, ever changing but keeping the style and being recognizable" is instrumental in the process of creating the typical style of a Hunkydory product.

Hunkydory is slang, meaning that everything is cool, calm. The phrase made famous by Mr. David Bowie became the trademark for the in company in 1996.

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