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One Teaspoon

With no formal training, Jamie began with not much more than an idea.

- To make the outfits she wanted to wear but could not buy in shops. She began sewing at the age of ten - taught by her Mum - and that idea became the genesis of her own label.

One Teaspoon founder Jamie Walsham is a self taught designer and buisness woman. In a little over four years the ambitious 26-year-old has worked in making her on label one of the most sought after labels in Australia.

In May 2003 One Teaspoon present their first collection in a full on production.

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Nelly.com SE - Heartshaker Faux Fur Jacket 3998.00 Nelly.com SE - Dusty Blue Bandit 745.00 (898.00) Nelly.com SE - Pacifica Bandits 799.00 (898.00) Nelly.com SE - Heartland Saints 1398.00 Nelly.com SE - Reno Wool Cali Tee 399.00 (798.00) Nelly.com SE - Blue Bouy Bandit 449.00 (898.00)

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